Frequently Asked Questions

We value your business more than any bank. Above all, we look deeper at what your business actually does, and determine your financial viability based on current, real-world information — not your credit score.

LThe same day you get approved, if we have all of the necessary documents in order to be able to transfer the funds to you

Yes we can. We finance businesses based on the business income and liquid assets, not your personal credit

There are many options. If everything is in order, you are definitely eligible for more capital before your original round of funding is fully paid. We offer different programs to grow your business. We can work with you at any time. We often create tailored funds for every merchant.

Most likely the day you fill up our data form questionnaire. Often the same day.

Normally yes, if your business is over 6 month old. Reach out and let us know what kind of capital your startup needs and will always try to help you grow